BiWeek 2015 Review with Trav Mamone and Mick Collins

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Co-hosts Mick, Lynnette and John discuss this year’s #biweek 2015 events with Trav Mamone of “Bi Any Other Means” podcast. The White House Public Policy Briefing Papers Event Page ARTICLES FYI, Freddie Mercury Was Bi: Why Bisexual Awareness Week Matters It Ain’t No Lie, Baby NYC to TX, and Back in the Closet BOOKS Night … [Read more…]

Bi Books: When My Boyfriend Was a Girl-A Memoir

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Lynnette talks with  Sunshine Mugrabi about her book based on her experience during her husband’s transition from female to male. It is insightful and heartwarming. A sometimes painfully raw. Purchase the book on Amazon Sunshine Mugrabi on the web Sunshine on Facebook Twitter Link to Leor’s Artwork The Testosterone Files: My Hormonal and Social Transformation … [Read more…]

A Love Letter to My Community on Celebrate Bisexuality** Day 2015

A Love Letter to My Community on Celebrate Bisexuality** Day 2015 September 23, 2015 at 1:18pm Yesterday was a hard day for me.   I showered, slathered on deodorant, and put on clean underwear, but then I fell asleep and missed a follow-up appointment with my dental surgeon. I’m usually pretty good about it, but … [Read more…]

BiWeek 2015 Kick Off Show with Mick and Amy

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We have a blast kicking off Bisexual Awareness week with Mick Collins and A.M. Leibowitz!! Mick’s Goodies Amy’s Goodies Music provided by: Honeybird Additional Music: Rorie Kelly (If you teach a bird to sing)

Evan Rachael Wood Speaks out on Bisexuality via Twitter

In anticipation of Bisexual Awareness Week (‪#‎BiWeek‬) — which begins Sept. 20 — the out and proud American bisexual activist, actress and mom Evan Rachel Wood, has shared more personal insight into bisexuality via a series of passionate, educational and enlightening tweets. On Thursday night (Sept. 17), Wood began by quoting a Human Rights Campaign … [Read more…]

Interview: BiCon UK 2015 with Becca Sarna

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We get to chat with Becca about their experience at BiCon UK 2015! Photo credit: bipoc on tumblr Music provided by: Monique H. twitter / @honeybirdie Rorie Kelly twitter/@roriekelly


14 DEATHS THIS YEAR. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE. From TransGriot Yesterday, August 14, 2015 will go down in the history of our US trans community and our trans rights movement as a very tough day for us. We had announcements of two more trans younglings in Detroit murdered in Amber Monroe and Ashton O’Hara. We … [Read more…]

Computer Fundraiser

We are working hard to get Lynnette a new computer. And we want to take a moment and thank those who have donated to this campaign so far. Stacey Langley Gabby Sparkle Heron Greensmith Lou Hoffman M.P. If you would like to help you can donate here.

Signal Boost Bi vs Pan via Minus18

I ran across this article Bisexual VS Pansexual the other day from a youth organization in Australia. I just have to help this article get around. It offers one of the best explanations of bisexual and pansexual labels. Thank you to the author Michael McLeish and Minus18 This is Australia’s … [Read more…]

A&E: Music Doesn’t Care with Mick Collins

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Mick discusses music and the contribution bisexual artists have made.