Call for Transcription Volunteers

At The BiCast we strive to bring information to everyone. Lily Wolf Solomon is our volunteer transcriber and has worked diligently to provide audio to text files for our hard of hearing audience.

It has come time for Lily to ask for help. We are growing at a rapid rate and it is more then one person can be asked to handle.

If you are a transcriber and would like to be part of a team to provide a much needed resource to those who need it please email

Put “Transcription Volunteer” in the subject matter.

Thank you in advance!

The BiCast

TERF 101

TERF 101

We discuss what a “trans exclusionary radical feminist” is in relation to the trans community.


Our Transcription Volunteers

LILY AUDRE SOLOMON: Lily is our transcription volunteer coordinator.


I do transcription for my degree (I’m a linguist) and was a volunteer transcriber for the oral history book Queer In Brighton. I’ve not done any access-related transcription before but internet accessibility is something I’m passionate about and I have completed a basic course in Deaf Studies.

FRANN BYNES:  Bynes  Transcript and  Typing  Services